ACTS: Associated Congregations Together Serving

A Christ Centered Approach to Helping and Healing Communities

One of the greatest contentions in the early church, as well as the church today, was the level of involvement of the church in the community. Should the church be concerned with the physical or material nature of society or only spiritual aspects. When we consider the historic and present ministry of Christ, it was, and is, both concerned with our spiritual as well as our physical well-being. Christianity is the most materialistic faith in the world. We concern ourselves first with the spiritual as well and then physical well-being of our neighbor. Christ gave us an example of how to feed the hungry, heal the sick, visit the imprisoned and to share the gospel with any and every one. These are the greater works that WE do. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was both bodily and spirit; material an immaterial. This is why the church must engage the community in a greater way. The Greater Works Networks is inviting you to become a part of ACTS of Georgia. A group of Associated Congregations Together Serving here in the Metro Atlanta Area. Our mission is to promote a God-centered approach to the ills of our community in collaboration with other associated congregations in Stonecrest and around the country.

Our collaborative effort will go to support the overall mission of the Greater Works Networks; Empowering Individuals, Strengthening Families, and Connecting Communities in our cities, states, and nation.

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